Privacy Policy

We know that sharing your personal information with us is based on trust. We take this seriously and are committed to ensuring that we respect your privacy when you visit our website or use our services. Please review this privacy and cookies statement (“Statement”) carefully to learn about our privacy practices.

We operate an online service that provides users (“you,” “your”) with recommendations for travel and travel planning, including hotels, holiday rentals and other accommodations. In this Statement, these are collectively referred to as our Services.

This policy sets out the approach that we take to the collection and handling of any such information and applies to all websites, mobile apps and other services operated by us (the “Services”).

Our Services are owned and operated by Bons Websistemes SL. By visiting our website and related applications, whether on a computer, phone, tablet or similar device (these are all referred to as a “Device”), you are accepting the practices described below.

As a global company, we operate in a number of countries and territories where the laws and customs differ. This Statement provides a general overview of our privacy practices.

You are understood to have consented to our use of your information in accordance with this policy if you use the Services.
Please take some time to read through, and if you have any questions, get in touch with us.

If our strategy changes, we'll update our policy and put the most recent version on this page. Check back frequently to make sure you're up to speed.

What kind of information we collect?

The majority of the data we gather from you is associated with non-personal identifiers, like anonymous User IDs or device IDs, and cannot be used to identify you personally offline ("Non-Personal Information").
Your browser type, the kind of device you're using, access times, the features or functionality you chose when using the Services, and your general location are all examples of this non-personal information.
Generally speaking, we will solely statistically analyze this non-personal information in order to correct errors and enhance our services.

If you decide to sign up for our newsletter, we will also gather from you "Personal Information" that would allow us to recognize you as a distinct person in the offline world, such as your name or email address.
You always have the choice whether or not to give us this kind of information.
We will never knowingly gather more Personal Data than is technically required to carry out the activities outlined in this policy in order to lessen the impact on your privacy.

How and when we collect this information?

When you use the Services, you freely give us with information, which we collect.
This can range from non-personal information—like the dates and location you want us to search for—to the personal information you must provide in order to sign up for our newsletter.

In addition to the information you voluntarily give us, we may also obtain certain non-personal information directly from you while you use the Services or indirectly when it is automatically provided to us by a third-party application, social networking site (like Facebook or Twitter), or other website (like a promotion partner) from which you connect to the Services.

How do we use this information?

To deliver the Services

To provide the Services and the particular features and functionality you ask for, we use the information you provide. This includes producing search results that closely match your search parameters and saving your personal information so that you can receive newsletters via email that you have chosen to receive.

To optimize & personalize the Services

Your information is used by us to deliver the fundamental features of the Services, as well as to improve and customize your experience. We may personalize your experience by highlighting or suggesting particular information or travel alternatives that we believe are relevant to you based on your search history and use of the Services. As an illustration, we may use cookies to remember your language and currency preferences.

To deliver appropriate advertising

to collaborate with internet advertising firms to place targeted ads on both our website and other websites you visit. This targeting can be based on data you provide on our website or websites belonging to other parties. This targeting might also be determined by your actions or conduct on our website or by actions of other people. Additionally, we might get data from our business partners about your browsing habits. Visit or to find out more about targeted advertising and how to accept or reject (opt-out of) this form of advertising.

To better understand and improve the Services

Analytics cookies might be placed by us or one of our third-party service partners.
These enable us to compile aggregated or segmented data on the many visitor groups who access our website, as well as the pages and adverts they view. We or our third-party service providers may gather information about your use of our website, including pages visited, links clicked, and mouse movements. We don't use this data to link you to a specific individual.

To contact you

We use your personal information to send you the specified email newsletters. We might also reply to messages you've sent to us.

When I use the Services, are any third parties collecting information about me?

Yes, when you book a trip through a third-party travel agency that our website refers you to.
Please take note that the third party may collect any information you provide throughout the booking process in order to complete the booking.
These third parties will use your information in line with their own terms and privacy policies, which you will be given a link to throughout the booking process.

Additionally, as you use the Providers, third-party ad services may gather non-personal information about you through cookies and other similar technologies.
With the use of this information, you can receive pertinent adverts on the Services as well as other websites and mobile applications operated by third parties.
In the section below under "How do we use cookies and other tracking technologies?," more details about the use of such technologies are provided, along with instructions on how to disable them.

How we share your Information?

This website just acts as a search engine, brokering the offers from the appropriate travel provider websites.
As a result, a reservation is made on the website of the travel provider.
Data will be directly collected by the third party at each website when you enter a contract with the applicable travel provider. Please be aware that the privacy policies of such third party websites are not our responsibility.
We advise you to read the applicable privacy policies of each and every third party platform that you authorize to collect information from you before you quit the Services or otherwise stop using them, or before you move your information from the Services to a third party platform.

In accordance with the law, we may disclose your information to our corporate affiliates and third parties for their respective business needs. For instance, we may transfer your information to vendors that work on our behalf and have signed written agreements promising to keep it secure and to not divulge it further.

If required by law, we might reveal information to law enforcement or other authorities, for instance. Court orders, subpoenas, orders resulting from legal proceedings, and orders for administrative or criminal investigations all fall under this category. We may also reveal your information if doing so is essential for the investigation, prosecution, or detection of criminal activity, the mitigation of harm, the defense of legal claims, or the prevention of other harm.

We might also give other people access to anonymised, aggregated usage data.

How do we store your Information?

Our servers and data centers are in Europe, and some of our travel providers may also be in Europe and in other countries. By giving us your information, you agree that it can be sent to these countries and stored there. Because of this, governments, courts, or law enforcement in those countries may be able to ask to see your personal information if their laws allow them to.
Depending on the laws in those other countries, we'll make sure your personal information is safe by doing things like getting contractual commitments from the people who get your information based on EU model clauses.

How do we keep your Information safe and secure?

We put the privacy and security of your Personal Information at the top of our list of priorities, and we only let our employees who need to see it in order to do their jobs and give you the Services access to it.

Even though we do our best to keep your Personal Information safe, information sent over the internet can never be 100% secure, so we can't guarantee the safety of the information you share with us at your own risk.

Do we use Cookies?

A cookie is a small file, usually made up of letters and numbers, that is put on a device when a person visits certain websites. Cookies are then sent back to the site that gave them out every time someone visits that site again. Cookies are helpful because they let a website know which web browser or device is being used.

We use cookies and other similar tracking technologies to get Non-Personal Information from you about how you use the Services. This is in line with this policy. The main reason we use cookies is to make sure that our services are delivered in the best way possible. We also use cookies from third parties to keep track of statistics and study how people use the site.

How can you choose to opt-out?

Your browser may give you the ability to block or delete cookies should you wish to do so. Please see the ‘Help’ menu in your browser for further information. Please note that blocking all cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of many websites, including our own. We therefore recommend that you permit the use of cookies when using our websites.

How do we use cookies and other tracking technologies?

On our website, cookies can be set by us, by third parties working for us, or by third parties not working for us, like advertisers. Both "session" and "persistent" cookies are used on our site.
"Session" cookies remember information from one page to the next so that you can filter and complete searches. When your session ends, the information is deleted.
"Persistent" cookies let our websites remember you when you come back. They stay on your computer until you delete them or until they reach an expiration date.
If you use our website, persistent cookies will be put on your computer. These cookies will never be kept on your computer for more than 12 months after your last visit.

In the table below, you can see the different types of cookies we use, why we (or relevant third parties) use them, and what you can do to control them and learn more about them.

Cookie Type

Why we use it and additional information


Essential cookies, as their name suggests, are vital to the proper functioning of the website. They enable us to remember your selections between pages, such as routes, dates and the number of travellers, meaning we can pass that information on to our booking partners without you ever having to re-enter it.

Performance / User Experience

We use cookies to make sure our website performs as it needs to, and to make sure the correct results are being delivered in accordance with your selections. We also use cookies to heighten your experience by recognizing whether you are a first time visitor and remembering your preferences (such as language or currency type) and previous searches.


Optimization cookies allow us to see and track anonymous user data such as click trends, so we can be certain the site offers you a consistently smooth, functional and pleasant experience.


Our website serves advertisements that are relevant to you by displaying interest-based advertisements. We also use advertising solutions delivered by third parties (such as: ADARA Google DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP), Google Adsense for Search (AFS), SalesForceDMP, etc.) to serve you advertisements relating to the Services when you are on other websites.

These tailored advertisements are served by third parties using cookies which will track your behavior across the web, using anonymous statistical rather than personally identifiable information, including information relating to your use of the Services, your location and demographic characteristics. Third party advertisers may also use cookies, for such purposes of ensuring relevant advertisements are being displayed, to help prevent the same adverts being served twice to the same user, and to ensure that adverts are correctly sized and don’t detract from your experience of the site.

Opt out

You can opt-out of third-party advertising networks using your information for interest-based advertising. To learn more about targeted advertising and how you can accept or refuse (opt-out of) this type of advertisements, we recommend that you visit or

You will need to opt-out on each device you use to access the Service.

Your information will not be shared with our third party advertising network partners for the purpose interest-based advertising if you opt-out, however, you will continue to receive interest-based advertising from us when using the Services.

Please note these opt-out mechanisms use a cookie on your device, and if you clear the cookies from your browser it will ‘forget’ the opt-out.


We also use cookies to monitor and understand more about how our websites and services are used and accessed, which in turn lets us optimize the user experience and build a website that suits the needs of our users and drive the direction of our business.

We use Google Analytics who store cookies on your device to generate anonymous reports and statistics.

Google stores this information in accordance with their privacy policy.

We also use AppDynamics for analytics information on our website performance.

Do we collect Personal Information from minors?

We don't knowingly get personal information from people under the age of 18.
If we find out that a minor is trying to send us Personal Information, we will get rid of that information from our files. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor who has given us Personal Information, please contact us so we can delete it.

How can I access or manage my Personal Information?

You have the right, under the law, to get information about all of your Personal Information that we store at any time and for no charge. But in rare cases, we may ask you to pay a reasonable fee before we give you the information, if the law allows it.
Please keep in mind that personal information is only collected if a user signs up for your newsletter. Before giving you this information, we may ask for proof of who you are.
In some cases, we might not be able to give you access to certain Personal Information.
For example, if your personal information is linked to the personal information of other people or if you are required to do so by law. In this case, we will tell you why you can't get this information. You can also change your mind about letting us use your personal information or ask us to delete or change it at any time by sending us an email at the address below.

If you have a data privacy request, such as a request to delete or access your data, or a general question concerning our Privacy and Cookies Statement, please contact our privacy team by clicking here. Alternatively, you can write in a request or question and mail it to:

Bons Websistemes SL,
AD400, Andorra, Arinsal, C.R. Residencial Ribafeta, 5-3