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If you're planning a trip to Malaysiaand want to save on your hotel stay, check out these insider tips.

How to Save on Hotels in Malaysia

Malaysia provides economical travelers with many attractive advantages when it comes to accommodation, food and transportation options.

Visitors looking to save on hotel costs in Malaysia can take advantage of lower conversion rates by booking with a credit card that does not impose foreign exchange fees when making reservations.

1. Book Early

Malaysia offers travelers an array of unique activities. From skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur's capital city to beaches and rainforests on Borneo islands, Malaysia is packed with diversity. Plus it is home to some of the finest cuisine in Asia as well as an impressive art scene; Penang in particular boasts beautiful street murals that must be seen.

If you want to save money when staying at hotels in Malaysia, try booking during the low season when prices tend to be more economical and still enjoy amazing experiences! Prices tend to be significantly less during this time and will allow for great savings!

Find a hotel that provides flexible check-in times and durations to get the best value, such as Flow Hotels with hourly rate rooms starting from just RM80 so that you can explore at your own pace while using their app to unlock even lower rates on accommodation! It's so simple to sign up and start using their service; sign up now!

2. Use a VPN

Malaysia may not be at the top of most travelers' Southeast Asian traveler's lists, but those who make the effort will find themselves immersed in breathtaking rainforests, mountains and beaches. Discover tea plantations tours in Cameron Highlands or hike through Gunung Mulu and Taman Negara jungles; don't miss out on seeing wildlife like orangutans roaming Borneo's natural habitat or admiring Mount Kinabalu's razor-sharp peak!

Hotel booking sites use your IP address to determine where you're located, then display prices accordingly. To circumvent this issue, a VPN can help change your virtual location; ExpressVPN is the best choice here as its server network is large and fast - plus they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try them risk-free!

Another excellent VPN provider is PIA, with an even wider server network and more cost-effective pricing plans than ExpressVPN - however, I strongly advise preferring ExpressVPN over it for user friendliness and ease of use.

3. Pay with a Credit Card

No matter why you travel to Malaysia, from exploring its national parks to sampling local cuisine and taking part in its unique experiences - Malaysia has plenty to offer travelers. From bustling skyscrapers to quiet beaches - Malaysia will keep drawing you back for more with its diversity in landscape and experiences!

Credit cards provide an efficient method for paying for accommodation, food and drinks as well as transport with often more favorable exchange rates than cash transactions. But it is important to consider any foreign transaction fees prior to traveling as these may add up quickly.

Ultimately, for optimal value, choose a travel credit card that provides both an advantageous exchange rate and cashback rewards on foreign spending. Also keep an eye out for any fees related to non-sterling usage charges; they could range anywhere between 0.8%-2% of annual spending on this card!

4. Book a Room with a Discount

Booking hotels on arrival can save travelers significant sums of money; however, this option usually only works if the hotel is not completely full or peak season is not in progress.

One way of booking hotels inexpensively is to ask directly whether the hotel has any discounted rates available. Some hotels don't advertise them online, but you may find them by simply inquiring.

Many hotels also offer loyalty programs with discounted room rates and special privileges like free upgrades; it never hurts to let them know you're celebrating a special anniversary, honeymoon trip or birthday if possible!

One effective strategy for booking hotels at reduced rates is using last-minute booking apps. These applications allow you to book rooms at significantly reduced rates than online travel sites as they don't charge the hotel any booking fee.

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