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Don't let high hotel prices deter you from traveling to Japan- learn how to save money on your stay with these savvy tips.

How to Save on Hotels in Japan

Though you might believe otherwise, Japan can be visited on a budget with careful planning and the proper strategies in mind. With some research and assistance from our guides you'll have no trouble enjoying a memorable trip without draining all your savings!

Booking early can help you to save on hotels. Furthermore, try not to travel during high-season events such as Golden Week and Obon.

Book Early

One of the best ways to save on hotels in Japan is by booking early. Doing this ensures you secure accommodation before prices increase due to demand resulting from its reopening.

If possible, book in advance, but if not, try to avoid peak periods like New Year, Golden Week or cherry blossom season when rates will likely be more costly. Weekend stays also tend to be more expensive in popular cities like Tokyo or Kyoto.

Many Japanese hotels - particularly traditional ryokans and minshukus - include meals in their room rates. If possible, booking one without meals can help significantly reduce hotel costs.

Booking a double bed instead of twin can save money at Japanese hotels as the prices vary between types. Also keep in mind that certain traditional ryokans and minshukus charge additional fees for using private onsen hot spring facilities (an 'onsen tax' or miscellaneous fees), which could add additional savings.

Look for Discounts

As soon as time and budget become limited, it is vital that you take advantage of any discounts or special offers you can find - be they related to accommodation, flights or both.

One way of doing this is to bundle your flight and hotel bookings. Many hotels offer discounts if both bookings are completed together, which could save a considerable amount during peak seasons.

As another option, staying at a pension may be preferable to hotels; these Western-style establishments often cost less and can even be booked online! Many are even open all year round!

You could try searching websites like Groupon if you're flexible and can read Japanese, as these offer great discounts on hotels, restaurants and recreation activities - however this only works if your dates and location are flexible enough for this approach.

Check the Internet

At peak tourist season, finding accommodation can be challenging in popular cities like Tokyo and Osaka due to a surge of Japanese and international visitors flooding these popular locations.

To minimize crowding, opt for traveling to less popular regions which are still beautiful but less congested. Minshukus (Japanese homestays) may also prove more cost-effective as they offer homemade meals at cheaper restaurant prices and with more authentic flavor than hotel stays.

Another effective way to save is using the Internet to book hotels. Many hotel websites allow you to book rooms using points or free nights that you have earned; in some cases you can even find hotels starting as little as 3,000 yen per night! Just be sure that there are enough beds in each room; Japan hotels and ryokans typically charge by person rather than room size.

Ask for a Discount

Japan may not be one of the more affordable travel destinations, especially when it comes to flights and accommodations; however, with some smart tricks you can lower costs while enjoying an unforgettable journey!

If you prefer not paying in advance for your hotel accommodation, it can be worthwhile attempting to negotiate a discount from them. One effective approach would be calling the hotel directly and requesting last-minute deals. Keep in mind, however, that certain events or peak seasons could render rooms scarce - for instance Tokyo hotels can become especially congested during mid-February when university entrance exams bring scores of high schoolers wishing to take their exams here.

Hotel membership plans offer discounts on meals or free stays after staying for a certain number of nights, like those provided by chain business hotels like Otani & Okura in Tokyo for a small fee.

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